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ISO 20121

Event sustainability management systems — Requirements with guidance for use

This standard is developed by ISO in 2012 as a practical tool for managing events so that they contribute to the three dimensions of sustainability – economic, environmental and social. It aims to help organizations and individuals improve the sustainability of their event-related activities.

ISO 20121 adopts a flexible approach which means that it can be used for all types of events, from music festivals to school outings. It is applicable to any organization or individual – including clients, suppliers and event managers – involved with all types of events, including exhibitions, sporting competitions, concerts, etc.

ISO 20121 offers benefits to all actors involved in the organization of an event, at all stages of the supply chain, including supply chain partners, participants, regulatory bodies and community. Implementing ISO 20121 include the following benefits:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to sustainability in a globally recognized manner
  2. Manage economic, environmental and social impacts in event management in an organized, process-based
  3. Provide opportunities to reduce the use of resources and cut costs
  4. Provide confidence to regulators who have health, safety, environmental and other responsibilities related to events.


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