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Residential Care Home for the Elderly Certification Scheme (RCHE-CS)  |  Service Quality Management - Elderly Services  

Residential Care Home for the Elderly Certification Scheme (RCHE-CS)

Using multiple perspectives to recognise the quality of elderly care


In response to the views of different stakeholders and the Government's direction to strengthen and assist local residential care homes for the elderly (RCHE) to further enhance their service standards, HKQAA launched "Residential Care Home for the Elderly Certification Scheme” (RCHE-CS) to keep up with market needs.


HKQAA has been accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) through their Hong Kong Certification Body Accreditation Scheme (HKCAS) to provide certification service for RCHE-CS.


RCHE-CS emphasises the establishment of a management system that is practical for elderly services. The scheme makes use of objective and scientific methods to collect evidence and conducts analysis and review of evidence collected from various aspects, the Management System Audit, Microbiological Testing and Service Quality Interviews to achieve certification conclusions. 


Management System Audit”is conducted on-site and based on the risk considerations, sampled various aspects of operation and management of RCHE to ensure that the RCHE has established an appropriate organizational structure and operational system with clear staffs’ duties defined and adequate training provided to enable effective operation and continuous monitoring and improvement of service quality. HKQAA will also arrange unannounced surveillance audits for RCHE to assess if the operation performance of the management system meets the requirement continually. 


The ”Microbiological Test“ is another feature of the scheme. HKQAA appointed a Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) accredited laboratory to conduct microbiological testing for food samples in RCHE in order to provide more objective evidence on the implementation effectiveness of food provision and hygiene monitoring system and strengthen user’s confidence in RCHE. 


Residential care service is people-oriented. HKQAA attaches great importance to the views of the elderly, their families and staff in the elderly homes. The third feature of the scheme is the HKQAA will make use of “Service Quality Interview” to understand the service quality of RCHE via interview with different stakeholders, thereby enhance the transparency of the service. 


Further, RCHE-CS comprehensively incorporated the 16 Service Quality Standard (SQS) and Code of Practices and stressed on critical elements of management system to facilitate RCHE on compliance monitoring and continual improvement. The RCHE-CS audits will be conducted by a team with comprehensive expertise in auditing, nursing and elderly services for ensuring every practical area are covered.


Overview and Audit Process
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List of Certified Residential Care Home
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