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ISO 21001 Management Systems for Educational Organizations Certification

Building a Culture of Educational Service Excellence
Published in May 2018, ISO 21001 is an international standard which aims to provide a framework for any educational organisations to enhance their educational processes, products and services continuously, and ensure requirements of their learners and other beneficiaries are achieved.

Certification Standard

ISO 21001 can be established in any educational organisations at all levels, providing all types of education, such as: elementary, medium or higher education; including distance and e-learning. This standard can also be applied to educational organisations within larger organisations, where education is not counted as their core business, such as professional training departments.

All requirements of ISO 21001 are generic and intended to be applicable to any organisation that uses a curriculum to support the development of competence through teaching, learning or research, regardless of the type, size or method of delivery.

  • Establish a management system to increase operation effectiveness and efficiency with consistent processes and evaluation tools
  • Response effectively to the requirements of organisation’s stakeholders, for example, by providing a more customized learning experience
  • Enhance organisation’s social responsibility through provision of inclusive and equitable quality education for all, including learners with special education needs 
  • Increase organisation’s credibility and reputation 



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