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ISO 22301

Security – Business Continuity Management Systems

Enhances recovery capability from disruptive incidents

ISO 22301 specifes requirements for setting up and managing effective Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) through integration with a range of interconnected disciplines, such as risk management, crisis management and emergency management. It enables an organisation to prepare for, respond to, and recover quickly from disruptive incidents, that might include industrial accidents, financial crises, strikes, boycotts, hacking attacks, civil disorders, SARS type pandemics, or natural disasters, if and when they arise.

The Standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organisations and especially relevant for organisations which operate in high risk environments, such as construction, utilities, finance, telecommunications, transport and the public sector. Through continual improvement of systems, an organisation can demonstrate its crisis management ability to all its stakeholders.

Benefits of Certification

  • Allows swifter and easier recovery from disruptive incidents and so minimises losses
  • Safeguards your organisation’s income and reputation 
  • Preserves markets by ensuring continuity of supply in a crisis 
  • Increases customer and stakeholder confidence by demonstrating your preparedness 
  • Measures and enhances your organisation’s ability to manage disruptive incidents 
  • Prevents certain types of risks using risk identification methods

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