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Climate change and sustainability have gained global attention, with communities and businesses becoming increasingly aware of the impact they can have on the environment. Governments around the world have set targets to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) is dedicated to promoting environmental protection and sustainable development in industry. We take the lead in providing a range of services in the areas of environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and GHG emissions to suit the specific needs of every organisation:

Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification - based on ISO 14064-3 or other criteria
Ensure the credibility & accuracy of GHG data
Verifies GHG emissions to ensure they comply with the relevant criteria or for voluntary reporting, so as to assist the organisation to demonstrate its commitment to managing, quantifying and reporting GHG emissions 

More about ISO 14064-3
(Remarks: Any reference to HKQAA’s verification (or HKQAA’s verification mark) shall be used only in relation to the claim which has been verified and shall not be misleading with regards to product certification or any other kinds of conformity assessments. When using this reference (or verification mark), it shall be ensured traceability back to HKQAA and to the verification statement issued. Any opinions or reports of factual findings made public by the client shall be communicated internally and externally in their entirety.
Examples of acceptable references for HKQAA’s verified statement:
  • Long-form: “In its opinion dated 20xx-xx-xx, HKQAA con¬cluded with reasonable (or limited) assurance that the data and information in the statement were fairly stated.”
  • Short-form*: “Verified by HKQAA at the reasonable (or limited) level of assurance”
*Any use of a short-form reference shall include or make reference to a long-form reference (i.e. the long-form reference is provided in proximity to the short-form reference in the same medium, or a reference to the location of the long-form reference in another medium, such as website, is provided in proximity to the short-form reference.)

Carbon Reduction Labelling
Recognise your contribution to GHG reduction
Recognises the organisation’s achievements in reducing GHG emissions within its organisational and project boundaries, and enhances public awareness for combating the climate change issue

ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Services
Drive improvement in energy performance
Enables organisations to establish the systems and processes needed to improve their overall energy performance, which leads to reductions in energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Services
A systematic approach to managing environmental performance
Helps organisations to improve their ability to identify, minimise, prevent and manage environmental impacts as they arise, thus reducing risk

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