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HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Environmental Friendly Construction Site

Demonstrate Professional Competence on Environmental Practice
HKQAA has launched the HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Environmental Friendly Construction Site to encourage organisations in the construction sector to minimise their adverse impact on the environment and society in construction operations. The scheme promotes recommended green practices so as to help improve the industry’s sustainability performance and its public image.


Seven Environmental Aspects of Construction Sites’ Sustainability Performance 

  • Ecology
  • Resources management
  • Construction dust management
  • Emission to air
  • Disposal to land
  • Disposal to water
  • Noise



  • Demonstrate professional competence on environmental practice

  • Enhance brand image and reputation of registered organization

  • Improve public awareness in environmental protection

  • Minimize environmental pollution

  • Reduce the consumption of resources

  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability



This registration is site-based and the site has to be in progress. Any company which is the constructor on a construction site and able to control the building processes can register its site with the scheme. The main constructor of the registered site will receive a registration mark so that it can demonstrate its commitment to urban sustainability and environmental protection, and improve its brand image and reputation.


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