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KOL Favored Brand Award

Social media has grown rapidly in recent years and online influencers are part of this trend. An increasing number of consumers purchase products and services from the Internet and become followers of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). KOLs actively review and share their buying experience in retail stores or restaurants on social media, and their reviews may shape market trends.

Invite KOLs as Mystery Shoppers and Promote on Social Media Platforms

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) strives to deliver innovative services to meet market demands and the needs of industry. It has developed the premium “KOL Favored Brand Award” to recognize organizations that provide outstanding customer service. big big channel is the creative consultant and new media partner of this Award.
Participating organizations will receive mystery shopping assessments by big big channel artist KOLs and bloggers to examine their service quality.
Participating organizations that passed the assessments will be conferred the recognition stickers to be shown on the retail outlets of the same brand. After getting the consent from the participating organizations, the assessment videos as recorded by big big channel artist KOLs will be posted and shared in the following social media:
  • big big channel mobile app
  • TVB official Facebook fan page
  • big big channel YouTube
  • TVB official Sina weibo
On the other hand, bloggers will share the consumption experience in texts and photos in their blogs and other online social media.
HKQAA will invite the participating organizations to the annual KOL Favored Brand Award presentation ceremony to receive the Award trophy.

Merits and Benefits 

  • Trophy and recognition stickers demonstrate excellent customer service to the public
  • Help market promotion and enhance brand image
  • Reach target customers and align with their tastes
  • Provide publicity opportunities through multiple media channels, strengthen marketing effectiveness
  • Reposition mystery shopping assessments to be blended with social media sharing, bring in sales opportunities
  • Provide case studies for internal staff training and development

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