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Social media has grown rapidly in recent years. More and more consumers are collecting the latest service and product information from the Internet. Bloggers review new products and share their experience as customers in retail stores and restaurants. They may influence their ‘followers’ and the market trends.
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) is now introducing the Bloggers’ Recommended Shop Award, which aims to recognise merchants with excellent customer service. Bloggers are invited to visit the participating merchants as mystery shoppers and evaluate their service quality.

Award Presentation

If participating merchants achieve a satisfactory assessment results, they will be awarded the “Bloggers’ Choice” Sticker which can be placed inside their stores. Bloggers will spread the customer experience on their blogs or other social networking websites, with the consent of participating merchants. In addition, every year HKQAA will present Bloggers’ Recommended Award trophies to merchants with the highest scores.


  • The Sticker recognises outstanding customer service and builds a strong word-of-mouth foundation.
  • Bloggers share good customer experience on social media to promote the awarded merchants.
  • The brand new mystery shopper assessments and promotions on social media bring in more business opportunities.
  • The blogger reviews provide case studies for use by awarded merchants in their internal training.


Assessment Process

Each store is regarded as a participating unit (i.e. with the business address of a physical store). If the merchants own multiple stores, they can decide which stores will participate. There is no limit on the number of participating stores.
Bloggers visit the participating stores as mystery shoppers and conduct assessments.

Assessment Criteria

The participating store will be assessed twice, at no less than three-monthly intervals. Each time, three bloggers will visit the store to assess it.
If the participating store receives a passing score in the assessment, it means the store passes the test.
If the participating store successfully completes the first assessment, it then receives the “Bloggers’ Choice” Sticker. If it passes the second assessment (review), it can continue to display the Sticker. The display period of the Sticker is up to one year from the date of issuance.

Annual Award

Participating stores (whose Stickers are still within the display period) which pass two assessments with a top-20 highest average score by 31 March of the next year will be recognised at the annual award presentation ceremony.
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