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Concrete - QSPSC™

Quality Scheme for the Production and Supply of Concrete (QSPSCTM)
HKQAA published the Regulations in August 1991. The Works Bureau (Works Branch) via Technical Circular No. 3/94 dated 8 March 1994 endorsed the requirement specifying that producers supplying concrete to government projects in Hong Kong must be certified to QSPSCTM. WBTC No. 3/94 was superseded on 1 January 2003 by a new requirement from the Environment Transport Works Bureau via Technical Circular (Works) No. 57/2002, which states:
Structural concrete for all public works contracts must be obtained from concrete suppliers who are certified under the QSPSCTM, except for those located at remote areas (such as outlying islands) or where the volume of structural concrete involved is less than 50m3. Even for those “exceptional” projects, structural concrete should be obtained from a supplier operating a quality system approved by the Architect/Engineer.
HKQAA is the only certification body accredited by both United Kingdom of Accreditation Services (UKAS) and Hong Kong Accreditation Services (HKAS) to issue QSPSCTM certificates.
Certification Standard
QSPSCTM, administered by HKQAA, is a Product Certification Scheme that consists of two parts, i.e. Administrative Regulations and Technical Regulations.
System and Testing Requirements
The Scheme requires suppliers to operate in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements concurrently. All selected concrete sample must be subject to testing carried out by HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) accredited laboratories. Test report issued by HOKLAS accredited laboratories shall be submitted to HKQAA for verification of compliance to the specification as a condition for granting certificate.
Significant Processes under QSPSCTM planning to meet quality requirements including basis of supply, quality requirements, concrete mixes, design mixes and environmental impact, production including quality control of purchased materials, production control and environmental impact control, product quality control, training, trial mix, review of quality system, and maintaining records to permit traceability of raw materials, concrete and tests on both.
Benefits of Certification
  • Fulfills government contractual requirement.
  • Demonstrates capability to deliver up-to-standard concrete.
  • Differentiates concrete production facilities that have been assessed by the authoritative certification body in this industry sector.  
The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) announces that its proprietary technical and administrative documentation in respect of the Quality Scheme for the Production and Supply of Concrete (“Scheme”) may now be purchased and used by other certification bodies accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service, for the purposes of providing certification services under the scheme in Hong Kong.
Any interested certification body may purchase the said documentation. The purchase and use of the documentation is subject to HKQAA’s standard terms and conditions.
For further information and enquiries, please contact Mr. P C Chan, Deputy CEO at telephone number 22029111.

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