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Tile Adhesive - QSPS-TA

Quality Scheme for the Production and Supply of Tile Adhesive (QSPS-TA)
HKQAA launched the product certification service for the Quality Scheme for the Production and Supply of Tile Adhesive (QSPS-TA) to meet the market need for tile adhesives certified against the “Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Tile Adhesive (PCCS-TA)” standard.

The PCCS-TA standard was developed by the Hong Kong Concrete Institute. Our certification service enables tile adhesive manufacturers to demonstrate that their quality systems comply with ISO 9001 and the regulations of the PCCS-TA standard, and their tile adhesives fulfill the purchasers’ specified requirements in BS EN 12004.

Benefits of Certification:
  • Fulfill contractual requirement
  • Demonstrate capability to deliver up-to-standard tile adhesive.
  • Differentiate tile adhesive manufacturers that have been assessed by a renowned certification body

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