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Cold Chain Management Certification Scheme  |  ISO 23412:2020  

Cold Chain Management Certification Scheme

Cold chain logistics refers to a special supply chain system that handles refrigerated, frozen food, or fresh, perishable agricultural products and other parcels. Especially for refrigerated foods, they must be placed in a low-temperature environment during the production, storage, transportation, distribution, and pre-consumption stages to ensure food quality and reduce food loss.
This certification scheme was developed by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) in 2021, and has made reference to a series of local and overseas industry standards, including the “Cold Chain Logistics Management System”, funded by the Trade and Industry Institutions Support Fund of the Trade and Industry Department (TID) and developed by HKQAA and Hong Kong Logistic Association after industry consultation.
The scheme aims to provide the industry with a locally applicable cold chain logistics management framework and good practices, and to assist the industry in improving service standards, achieving continuous improvement, and upgrading and optimizing its management and operating procedures.
This Scheme is suitable for Hong Kong cold chain logistics service organizations and the internal cold chain logistics departments of related enterprises, including organizations that provide cold chain storage services, cold chain transportation services, or cold chain storage and transportation services.

Expected Benefits
  • Through strict environmental monitoring, reduce the risk of deterioration of cold chain goods during storage; 
  • Improve operational efficiency and inventory management to quickly respond to customer requirements;
  • Enhance employees' awareness and ability to gain the trust of customers;
  • Improve customer satisfaction, strictly abide by the commitments to customers, continuously improve quality, and maintain competitiveness.

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