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Cold Chain Management Certification Scheme  |  ISO 23412:2020  

ISO 23412:2020

Indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services —
Land transport of parcels with intermediate transfer 

Safe and Secure Cold Chain Logistics 


With a growing household demand for delivery of perishable foods or goods in recent years, effective cold chain logistic services that can withstand the vagaries of transport is vital to fulfill the expectation of consumers. 

The newly published standard, ISO 23412, addresses requirements for the provision and operation of indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services for refrigerated parcels which contain temperature-sensitive goods (including foods) via land transportation. This standard is valid from May 2020 and specifically outlines requirements targeting all refrigerated delivery service stages from receiving of a chilled or frozen parcel from the delivery service user to delivering at the designated destination. ISO 23412 can also help businesses have an in-depth understanding of other critical requirements on resources, operations and communications to delivery service users.

The Standard is applicable to refrigerated delivery service providers. However, it does not apply to refrigerated parcel delivery through modes of transport such as airplane, ship or train.


Benefits of Certification

  • Enhances the quality and consistency of the services of organizations
  • Strengthens organizations’ competitive advantage in the market
  • Provides reassurance to customers, suppliers and partners 
  • Assists organizations to develop and expand of markets for such services internationally


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