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F&IU Safety Audit

The Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulations (F&IU(SM)R) released by the Labour Department of the Hong Kong Government Special Administrative Region were enacted on 24 November 1999. The new legislation regulates organisations with over 50 workers in construction sites, shipyards, factories and designated industrial undertakings to manage safety and health through the establishment and implementation of safety management systems (SMS) that have to be assessed regularly by safety audits or safety reviews.
In addition to developing and maintaining a safety management system in accordance with the F&IU(SM)R, organisations must appoint a Labour Department approved Registered Safety Auditor (RSA) to conduct safety audits at the intervals set out in the regulations (i.e. construction industry – every six months; other Industries – every 12 months). Audit reports signed by the RSA are to be submitted to the Labour Department for review.

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