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HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Cooking Oil

Concerning with Cooking Oil Sources, Motivating Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil


HKQAA has been concerned about social development. In response to the needs of catering and recycling industries, we launched the HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Cooking Oil Registration Scheme. It aims to facilitate organisations to supply and consume cooking oil from identifiable sources, as well as to collect and treat waste cooking oil in a proper way, through maintenance and verification of adequate and appropriate documents and records. Our ultimate goal is to raise consumer confidence and motivate the industry and public to support recycling of waste cooking oil.  

As the first of its kind in the city, the Scheme is on voluntary basis and open to cooking oil suppliers, waste cooking oil collectors and processors, enabling them to showcase their abilities to maintain records of cooking oil and waste cooking oil properly. The Scheme is applicable to:

  • Supplier (New Cooking Oil) : Applicable to cooking oil suppliers (e.g. manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers)
  • Collector (Waste Cooking Oil) : Applicable to waste cooking oil collectors
  • Recycler (Waste Cooking Oil) : Applicable to waste cooking oil processors (e.g. biodiesel manufacturers)
Organisations providing catering and property management services can also show their support to the Scheme by becoming the “Companions” and committing to selecting cooking oil suppliers and waste cooking oil collectors with adequate and appropriate records.


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