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HKQAA Net-Zero Certificate Scheme

To enable organisations to demonstrate their achievement or commitment to net zero carbon emission, HKQAA is developing and launching HKQAA Net-Zero Certificate Scheme with reference to PAS 2060 and other relevant national/international standards.

The Scheme is applicable to organisations of all types and sizes, and help them demonstrate their commitment to or achievement of Net-Zero for the subject selected and defined by the organisation

The subject can be the organisation’s physical site(s), project(s), product(s) and/or service(s). According to their needs and progression in achieving Net-Zero, there are three types of certificate that organisations can choose to apply for Disclosure of Carbon Emission Certificate, Commitment to Net-Zero Certificate, Achievement of Net-Zero Certificate.

This scheme is a useful tool if an organisation is planned to achieve Net-Zero and wants stakeholders to understand their achievement and/or commitment towards Net-Zero. The Certificate will enhance the confidence of the public and stakeholders, as well as the appeal of the organisation to sustainability-conscious investors and customers.

Any organisation interested in the scheme has to submit an application form, an assessment checklist and supporting documents to HKQAA.  HKQAA’s assessment team will then assess the implementation of Net-Zero Scheme as defined by the organization and the methodology used in reducing greenhouse gas emission associated with the selected subject, as well as the achievement progress and status. Teleconferences and/or virtual meetings may be arranged if HKQAA needs to clarify any issues, or confirm the assessment findings or conclusion.

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