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Good Standardizing Practice for Enterprises Evaluation Service

To standardize the good practice of enterprises, an enterprise standardization system can be established by applying standardization principles and approaches in accordance with the national standard series of Enterprise Standard System Requirements.
The enterprise standard system has similar features as the quality management system. Both of them emphasize systematic management, documentation and traceability. However, the enterprise standard system has a wider scope of coverage, which includes the technical requirements of the product itself, environmental protection, occupational health safety and other requirements. It also covers all aspects of the enterprises’ production and operation processes that requires standardization.
HKQAA’s Good Standardizing Practice for Enterprises Evaluation Service was developed in accordance with the national standard GB/T 15496-2017 Enterprise Standard System Requirements and related standards, consisting of five industry categories. They include service industry, agricultural breeding industry, agricultural crop plantation industry, manufacturing industry (according to the standard object classification) and manufacturing industry (according to the functional attributes classification).
The rating of enterprises with good practice of standardization has five levels. From low to high scores are A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA, and the highest level is AAAAA (5A).
Benefits of the Evaluation Service:
  • Improve the standardization management of enterprises
  • Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises
  • Increase customers’ trust in the standardization level of enterprises

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