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Professional Services for Emerging International Standards

As one of the leading conformity assessment bodies in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency is endeavoured to introduce emerging international standards and provide related certification, assessment, verification and training services* for the business community. We aim to help organisations enhance their management performance and competitive advantage, so as to foster the sustainable development of organisations and society.

If you have any enquires about our professional services for the following standards, please contact us.
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*Note: HKQAA will not provide any form of management system consultancy services, such as giving specific advice, instructions or solutions towards the development, implementation and maintenance  of a management system.

ISO 23412:2020 Indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services — Land transport of parcels with intermediate transfer
Specifies requirements for the provision and operation of indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services for refrigerated parcels which contain temperature-sensitive goods (including foods) in land transportation. It includes all refrigerated delivery service stages from acceptance (receipt) of a chilled or frozen parcel from the delivery service user to its delivery at the designated destination.
ISO 39001 Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems
Reduce the risk of death and serious injuries related to road traffic crashes
Provides guidance to organisation implement good RTS management practices and aims to enable a more cost-effective use of the road traffic system.
ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management System
Improve the consistency of facility management services
First international management system standard to help organisations understand the facility management and improve the quality of facility management service
ISO 30401 Knowledge Management Systems—Requirements 
Utilise organisational knowledge to enable effective decisions
Set the requirements for Knowledge Management systems in organisations and support organisations to develop a management system that effectively promotes and enables value-creation through knowledge.
ISO 19600 Compliance management systems
Effectively identify and manage compliance risks
Helps organizations effectively identify and manage compliance risks by establishing an effective compliance management system that identifies, analyzes, and evaluates compliance risks and improves compliance management processes and build a culture of compliance.
ISO 20121 Event sustainability management systems — Requirements with guidance for use 
Improve the sustainability of organisations events
The standard is developed by ISO as a practical tool for managing events so that they contribute to the three dimensions of sustainability – economic, environmental and social. It aims to help organizations and individuals improve the sustainability of their event-related activities.
ISO/IEC 29100 Information technology -- Security techniques -- Privacy framework
Minimize the privacy related incidents happening to organisations
ISO has developed the standard to provide a higher level framework for securing Personally Identifiable Information PII with Information and Communication Technology systems to minimize the privacy related incidents happening to large corporations, small companies, and to famous individuals.
ISO/IEC 27032 Guidelines for cybersecurity
Increase the cybersecurity of the organisation
Standard was the first to address security gaps arising from the lack of communication between the different users and providers of cyberspace.
ISO/IEC 27018  Code of practice for protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in public clouds acting as PII processors
Protection of personal data in the cloud
This is the first international standard that focuses on protection of personal data in the cloud.
ISO/IEC 27017  Code of practice for information security controls for cloud services
Protect your organisation by using cloud service effectively
The standard emphasizes that the selection of appropriate information security controls, and the application of the guidance provided, will depend on a risk assessment and any legal, contractual, regulatory or other cloud-sector specific information security requirements.

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