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HKQAA Enhancement Programme for Recycling Industry

Funded by the Recycling Fund

The Recycling Fund was launched by the Hong Kong Government in October 2015, and HKQAA’s application for the “Industry Support Programme” under the Recycling Fund was approved in April 2016. HKQAA will develop a practice note for the recycling of food waste, waste cooking oil, waste textile, waste rubber tyres and waste wood. Trainings will be provided to the local recycling industry in order to promote good practices and enhance the long term development of the industry.

Boosting Industry Level through Developing a Practice Note

Our aim is to develop a practice note that suits the needs of the local industry and community, and can also enhance the professional level of the recycling industry. 

  • The practice note is referenced to international standards, experience and practices of the overseas recycling industry. 
  • Through on-site visits and interviews, the practice note records the industry good practices and collects different views from stakeholders, to give a balanced picture of the various issues.
  • Industry members and other stakeholders may refer to this practice note in enhancing the industry’s operational performance.
  • The practice note is free of charge and distributed to the recycling industry. For soft copy of the practice note, please click here

Encouraging Self-improvement through Training Courses

HKQAA provides training courses to the local recycling industry through the project, with the aim to strengthen their knowledge towards the industry and encourage them to implement good practices. The trainings enable the industry to have a better understanding of the practice note, encouraging them to improve their performance in environmental protection, occupational health and safety as well as promoting appropriate maintenance of downstream record of recyclable materials. 

  • HKQAA intends the training sessions to be “Train-the-Trainer” courses, so that the participating top and middle managers can later transfer what they have learnt to their colleagues. 
  • The course consisted of a number of modules covering the background of the Hong Kong recycling industry, the sorting and maintenance of operational records, environmental management and occupational health and safety management.
  • Participants who finish all modules will receive a recognition letter in the presentation ceremony. 
  • A subsidy from the Recycling Fund is provided to each participant for each module, to encourage self-improvement and professional performance.


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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material / event (or by members of the Project Team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Advisory Committee on Recycling Fund.

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