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Barrier Free Accessibility (BFA) Management Systems

Respond to urban development trend and demonstrate social responsibility

This is the first Barrier Free Accessibility (BFA) certification scheme of its kind in Hong Kong. It offers a simple, practical and objective standard for evaluating and showcasing an organisation’s BFA performance.

The scheme was developed with reference to related international and local standards, as well as BFA practical experience and best practices. HKQAA has also widely consulted businesses and disabled and elderly concern groups so as to take advices from different stakeholders and develop a conformity assessment scheme which suits the circumstances of local organisations.
The scheme can be applied to different kinds of businesses and organisations, such as hotels, industrial, commercial and residential buildings, medical institutions, public facilities, transportation facilities and shopping malls, as well as retailing, entertainment and catering services. It involves physically-challenged and elderly people in the assessment.

Benefits of Certification

  • Improve your organisation’s image; win stakeholders’ trust
    Through the scheme, organisations can establish their own management systems which take into account the needs of persons with disabilities and elderly people, implement corporate social responsibility, win customers and stakeholders’ trust and raise their prole with customers.
  • Create job opportunities; promote integration with communities
    Persons with disabilities and elderly people will be employed as assessors. Engagement in the assessments encourages these challenged people to develop their strengths and leads to the creation of more job opportunities.
  • Identify and respond to expectations of stakeholders with direct user engagement
    The scheme valuates organisations’ BFA performance from various aspects with BFA auditors and direct users’ feedback; it can serve as a tool for responding to public expectations about BFA.

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