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Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme

Enhancing Credibility and Stakeholder Confidence in Green and Sustainable Finance

The Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme adopted the scheme design and core methodology of the original Green Finance Certification Scheme, while emphasising the importance of impact assessment, stakeholder engagement and transparency. The scope of certification services has been expanded from green to green and sustainable. Additionally, in response to diversified market needs, it also covers specific green and sustainable subjects including Sustainability-linked or Green and Climate Transition requirements. This adjustment allows the issuer to choose the scope of certification according to the objectives of their financial instrument and provides a clearer message to investors or stakeholders about the purpose of the use of proceeds and the planned positive impact.


Reference to International Standards

HKQAA has developed the Scheme with reference to a number of widely recognised international and national standards and principles on Green and Sustainable Finance, including:

  • International Capital Market Association (ICMA) - Green Bond Principles 
  • ICMA – Social Bond Principles
  • ICMA – Sustainability Bond Guidelines
  • ICMA – Sustainability-linked Bond Principles
  • ICMA – Climate Transition Finance Handbook
  • Loan Market Association (LMA), Asia Pacific Loan Market Association (APLMA), Loan Syndications & Trading Association (LSTA) - Green Loan Principles
  • LMA, APLMA, LSTA - Sustainability-linked Loan Principles
  • ISO/DIS 14030 Environmental performance evaluation — Green debt instruments (Part 1 - 4)  
  • EU TEG Recommendations for an EU Green Bond Standard
  • 中國人民銀行、中國證券監督管理委員會公告(2017) 第20號--綠色債券評估認證行為指引(暫行) (Announcement No. 20 [2017] of the People's Bank of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission—Guidelines for the Assessment and Certification of Green Bonds (Interim))

HKQAA also allow issuer to select a classification from recognized international or national green and social classifications for the use of proceeds as applicable to the issuer’s context. For the list of acceptable green and social classification, please see Handbook for more details.


Benefits of Certification

  • Enhance the credibility and stakeholder confidence on green and sustainable financial instruments via independent, impartial third-party conformity assessments; 
  • Reach out to potential investors or borrower with the aid of the Green and Sustainable Finance Certificate and Certification Mark;
  • Demonstrate issuers' effort in promoting green and sustainable investment; and
  • Promote common understanding of green and sustainable finance.


Types of Certification

  • Pre-issuance Stage Certificate - for issuers seeking certification before the issuance of debt instrument
  • Post-issuance Stage Certificate - for issuers seeking certification after the issuance of debt instrument


List of Certification

Please click here for the list of certification of the Scheme.


To obtain the handbook for the HKQAA Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme, please email to



Terms and Conditions and Guideline for the Use of Certification Mark
of the Green and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme.







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