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ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

Environmental problems affecting companies are becoming ever more complex. The best way to take control of these issues is to introduce a formalized environmental management system (EMS).
EMS helps a company to continually improve its ability to efficiently identify, minimize, prevent and manage environmental impacts as they arise, therefore reducing risk.
Certification Standard
At the heart of the ISO 14000 series of environment standards is ISO 14001 the standard for an environmental management system. ISO 14001 is the only standard in the series against which a company can be certified. ISO 14001 can be established in any organization, regardless of size or sector. ISO 14001 is concerned with the effectiveness of the EMS itself, and makes no specific demands on environmental performance.
System Requirements
An EMS requires real commitment and incorporates policy, goals, organization structure, plans, procedures, responsibilities, training and documentation.
Benefits of Certification
  • Brings financial savings through improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs
  • Improves environmental performance 
  • Reduces insurance costs/premiums 
  • Reduces incidents that result in liability 
  • Facilitates the attainment of permits and authorizations
  • Assures customers of commitment of demonstrate environmental management 
  • Maintains good public/community relations 
  • Satisfies vendor/investor criteria and improves access to capital 
  • Enhances image and global competitiveness 
  • Fosters development and sharing of environmental

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