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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Does your service standard match with customer expectation? Realising the latest customer expectation is the key to stand out from the crowd. To ensure the service standard of your corporate meets customer expectation, HKQAA’s  “P-I Model” links up the service performance with customers’ expectation, which surpasses the performance of traditional measurement in customer satisfaction.

Measure Customer Satisfaction through 4 Major Categories

Faced with increasing competition in today’s customer-focused retail scene, it is imperative to obtain continuous learning and improvement in the service performance.
To Identify precisely what drives customer loyalty, HKQAA does not apply a single model for all clients. Instead, it is customized for each client so as to reflect the customers’ real experience in 4 major categories, namely, service, product, environment and promotion.

Formulate Strategy with “P-I Model”

Through “P-I Model”(Performance – Importance Model), HKQAA measures and monitors clients’ performance in key attributes that drive customer satisfaction. Based on the findings, the client can formulate management strategies (namely, Promote, Maintain, Focus and Monitor) in order to prioritize improvement actions.
Ultimately, the findings will help standardize, maintain and upgrade the service quality and achieve process improvement.

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