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ISO 30401

Knowledge Management Systems—Requirements

Knowledge management is a discipline focused on ways that organizations create and use knowledge.  In today’s world, knowledge work is taking an increasingly significant role in many economies. Knowledge enables them to make effective decisions and take effective action, and may even become a marketable product in its own right. In many organizations, critical knowledge is held in the heads of experts, at risk of loss when they leave, while other organizations contain many new employees who may be very smart, but lack the knowledge which experienced employees have built up over time.

The ISO 30401 aims to set the requirements for Knowledge Management systems in organizations and support organizations to develop a management system that effectively promotes and enables value-creation through knowledge. It focuses on instilling a culture of Knowledge Management and sharing in Knowledge Management solutions and in the manner of measuring the knowledge in organizations.

This standard is applicable for all types of business, private and public organizations, independent of the field of business and their size, and also for non-profit organizations. It will enable each organization to craft its own knowledge management solution, reflecting their specific needs and situation.

The ISO 30401 is now under publication and is expected to publish in November 2018.



  • Enable effective decisions and action;

  • Support the development of people in the organization;

  • Increased competitiveness in the market;

  • Retaining and passing forward the organizational knowledge;

  • Increased collaboration through sharing practices and lessons.


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