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ISO/IEC 29100

 Information technology -- Security techniques -- Privacy framework
In 2011, ISO has developed the ISO/IEC 29100 Privacy framework to provide a higher level framework for securing Personally Identifiable Information PII with Information and Communication Technology systems to minimize the privacy related incidents happening to large corporations, small companies, and to famous individuals.  Organizations can use these standards to design,  implement, operate and maintain their ICT systems that will allow the protection of PII and improve organization's privacy programs through industry best practices.
Personally identifiable information may include very confidential data that are intended only for restricted use.  Their protection is crucial for the main purpose that nondisclosure of information may result in many consequences .ISO/ IEC 29100 provided the privacy framework for the following benefits:
  • to protect the PII principal's privacy
  • to meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • to practice corporate responsibility
  • to increase consumer credibility, and
  • to reduce the number of security breaches

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