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ISO 19600

ISO 19600 Compliance management systems 

Integrity and compliance are critical to a successful and sustainable organization. In recent years, international world and governments have increasingly focused on compliance risk and management. Compliance means that the organization complies with applicable laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements, and also with relevant standards, contracts, effective governance principles, or ethical guidelines. In the event of non-compliance, the organization may be subject to legal sanctions, regulatory penalties, significant property damage and loss of reputation. Organizations can effectively identify and manage compliance risks by establishing an effective compliance management system that identifies, analyzes, and evaluates compliance risks and improves compliance management processes and build a culture of compliance.

ISO 19600 is published by ISO in 2014 to provide guidance on compliance management systems and recommended practices. This standard is adaptable for organization with different size, industry and level of maturity of an organization’s compliance management system. The use of this standard can be applied according to the context, nature and complexity of the organization’s activities, including its compliance policy and objectives. 



  • Safeguard integrity
  • Demonstrate its commitment to compliance with relevant laws and expectations of stakeholders
  • Avoid or minimize noncompliance with the law
  • Contributes to compliance culture

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