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“Service Gauge” Mystery Shopping Programme

Poor customer service will damage goodwill, even if the overall quality of the product is of high standard. Both qualities of product and customer services are key to success. Through the mystery shopper assessment of HKQAA, the services quality of frontline staff can be monitored effectively. Potential hazard can also be sorted out and the management can solve them in early stage.

Assessment method that breaks new ground
  • "K.A.S.H. Model" – expert-level report

    Traditional mystery shopper reports only present a general picture of the performance of staff and branches. Those results are unable to assist the management in sorting out the problem and finding the solution. HKQAA knows your concern and has developed a new model, the “K.A.S.H. Model”, to analyse the working performance of frontline staff. Our methodology will summarise the data into four categories: “Knowledge”, “Attitude”, “Skills” and “Hardware”. Hence, the management can focus on the weaknesses of staff and develop focused training programmes. 
  • Dashboard – a snapshot for senior management

    HKQAA understands the need of the management. Apart from detailed reports, we have also designed the mystery shopping assessment dashboard as to provide a quick summary of the results for the management.

Our comprehensive services help you master the market
  • Mystery Calling Assessment – monitoring hotline service

    Apart from frontline staff, the performance of supporting teams, such as the service hotline staff, is also important.  As often happens, conservations of poor phone service being uploaded to the Internet by unsatisfied customers will surely damage the corporate goodwill. Therefore, more and more companies are assessing their service hotline performance with third-party quality agents.

    HKQAA’s mystery calling assessment will assess the motivation, attitude, competency and product knowledge in details to ensure your staff reaches the standard of the industry.  
  • Benchmarking – knowing your competitors

    By comparing the performance with the benchmarking model, you may understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and continuously improve your service standard.
  • Assessing Business Partners – finding the best choice

    To prevent your corporate goodwill being damaged by the performance of business partners, such as distributers or sole agents, the mystery shopper assessment will be helpful for better understanding and selecting a suitable business partner.
  • Mastering the Service Standard of the Industry - the Service Industry Index 

    Is the service standard of your corporate advantageous in the market? In such competitive environment, company must master the first-handed information and hence to adjust the training focus, thereby to stay close to the service level of the industry or even to stand out from the competitors. To help achieve this, HKQAA has pioneered a new concept of establishing the Service Industry Index. Through our database of mystery shopping assessments conducted in recent years, we have formulated the Service Industry Index including but not limited to retail and F&B industries.
If you are interested in our "Sales Gauge" and "Service Gauge" mystery shopping programme schemes, please send us your contact details to, or contact us at 2202 9111.


Our comprehensive services help you master the market

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If you are interested in the mystery shopper assessment, please contact us at 2202 9111 or send your contact details to
Becoming Mystery Shopper

If you are interested to join our Mystery Shopper team, please forward your resume to the Human Resource Office at

(*The HKQAA’s Mystery Shopper Assessment scheme does not appoint any company or individual to recruit mystery customers. The recruitment of mystery customers is directly administered by the HKQAA’s Human Resources Unit. If you have any enquiries in this matter, please contact our Human Resources Unit.)

Information provided will be kept in strict confidence and only be used for recruitment purpose. 


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