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“Sales Gauge” Mystery Shopping Programme

Nowadays, the retail and customer service industry pays more and more attention to the quality of services. As mystery shopper assessments become more common, there has been significant improvement in customer services in the Hong Kong industry. However, the traditional assessment methodology has yet to be able to improve the sales results due to its limitation.
"Sales Gauge"
- the effective tool to improve sales competency

The traditional mystery shopper assessment focuses on customer service only, so it is unable to measure the sales competency of frontline staff effectively and resulting in “excellent service with low sales amount”. Aiming at providing comprehensive mystery shopper services, HKQAA introduces the new methodology of “Sales Gauge” to help organisations enhance both services quality and profitability.

Enhance both Sales and Services

The "Sales Gauge” is a breakthrough in mystery shopper assessment which is tailor-made for the retail and sales industry. HKQAA believes that sales competency is as important as customer service to a business. The “Sales Gauge” approach assesses the overall performance of frontline staff’s sales competency, which includes sales techniques, product knowledge, objection handling, sales passion, etc. Management can refer to the results of assessment and enhance their internal training program. Thus, the sales profit can be improved by rectifying the weaknesses of their sales team.


Perfect combination of Theory and Experience


HKQAA is proud of the “Sales Gauge” service, because of its strong backbone:
  1. Acknowledged Sales Theories – based on findings from sales theories, sales models and empirical studies   
  2. Industry-oriented – with rich audit experiences, HKQAA masters the sales processes and uniqueness of every industry
  3. Continuous Improvement – we improve the assessment system regularly with sharing of best sales practices from business celebrities and sales professionals

If you are interested in our "Sales Gauge" and "Service Gauge" mystery shopping programme schemes, please send us your contact details to, or contact us at 2202 9111.

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If you are interested in the mystery shopper assessment, please contact us at 2202 9111 or send your contact details to: 
Becoming Mystery Shopper
If you are interested to join our Mystery Shopper team, please forward your resume to the Human Resource Office at

(*The HKQAA’s Mystery Shopper Assessment scheme does not appoint any company or individual to recruit mystery customers. The recruitment of mystery customers is directly administered by the HKQAA’s Human Resources Unit. If you have any enquiries in this matter, please contact our Human Resources Unit.)

Information provided will be kept in strict confidence and only be used for recruitment purpose. 


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