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Originating in Japan, the 5S practice is a technique that includes the principles of sort, straighten, shine, standardise and sustain, and is used to establish and maintain a quality culture within an organisation. At first glance, many people may regard 5S only as good housekeeping. However, this underestimates the full potential of thorough 5S application and implementation.
Industries are now realising that 5S is the key to improving quality and productivity. The benefits of implementing the 5S principles have already been broadcast among many industries, such as manufacturing, servicing, construction, hospital and health care, education, food catering and other utilities companies. With these influences, many companies are already practicing a 5S culture.
Implementation of 5S motivates front-line staff from all levels in the organisation to change their mindsets, and to make orderly, optimised and standardised operations the norm.
Certification Standard
The requirements for HKQAA-5S Certification were developed as a system to organise the workplace operation, with the ultimate intention to assist in the improvement of operation and workplace management and to optimise performance, comfort, safety, cleanliness, employee morale and efficiency among all industry and service sectors.
HKQAA-5S substantially complements the grandeur of other internationally recognised management system such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001Initiating and driving from the operation and management levels respectively, HKQAA-5S and other management systems together penetrate all dimensions, fully impacting the organisation and ensuring that quality, the environment, health and safety management flourishes.
As HKQAA-5S follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act model of other management systems, it can be easily integrated into the implementation of the requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001 standards.
System Requirements
The requirements for HKQAA-5S Certification are generic requirements that include topics related to management commitment as well as each of the five "S" components of the 5S methodology ("Standardise,” "Sort,” "Straighten," "Shine" and "Sustain").
The requirements for Sort, Straighten and Shine denote the activities an organisation should carry out in order to achieve a clean, safe work environment for efficient workflow. The requirement of Standardise defines the system in which the activities of Sort, Straighten and Shine should be maintained. The requirements of Management Commitment and Self-motivate ensure staff participation from all levels of the organisation, sets up a mechanism to monitor and measure the effectiveness of implementation as well as encouragement for continual improvement.
Clause 1 – Introduction
Clause 2 – Management Commitment
Clause 3 – Standardise
Clause 4 – Sort
Clause 5 – Straighten
Clause 6 – Shine
Clause 7 – Sustain
Benefits of Certification
With effective implementation by all related functions and levels, the organisation can enjoy the follow benefits:
  • Creating an organised workplace that is conducive to a total quality philosophy
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy work environment
  • Promoting environmental protection
  • Minimising breakdowns in equipment and facilities
  • Maximising the product and service quality through better operational control
  • Optimising process efficiency
  • Enhancing cost effectiveness
  • Cultivating a culture and environment of systematic operation and workplace management
  • An effective tool for the organisation’s subcontractor management, especially in a shared site situation, when the subcontractors are required to follow the HKQAA-5S requirements 

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