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Bridging and Bonding – To Create Measurable Social Benefits

In 2017, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) commenced a three-year project on “Bridging and Bonding – To Create Measurable Social Benefits”, funded by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of the Labour and Welfare Bureau. As part of the project, we have launched an online forum – SOCIALCAPITAL.SHARE and developed the Social Capital Personnel Registration Scheme (SCPR Scheme)

Through SOCIALCAPITAL.SHARE’s online forum, we aim to connect people from different sectors to share and apply the concept of social capital in your everyday life and work, thereby making our society more cohesive and business more successful.

Benefits of SOCIALCAPITAL.SHARE include: 

  • exchange knowledge 
  • share experience 
  • connect with others who are building social capital and working on sustainability  
  • promote social capital projects
  • register as a Social Capital Professional/Advisor


Social Capital Personnel Registration Scheme aims to recognise the knowledge, competency and experience of individuals who are engaged in the social capital development work, including but not limited to practitioners in the fields of corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, social services, etc.

Through the SCPR Scheme and SOCIALCAPITAL.SHARE’s interactive online forum, we aim to strengthen the application and implementation of the social capital concept, facilitate mutual learning, promote professionalism and encourage continuous learning. Qualified individuals may register as the Social Capital Professionals or Social Capital Advisors according to their experience. 


For more information, please visit SOCIALCAPITAL.SHARE online platform: 

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