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Courses in Hong Kong

Personal Enrichment & Certification
[M940] Idea Exploration and Creative Thinking Workshop new
[M941] Powerful and Fascinating Presentation Training new
[M942] 入型入格識人術訓練班 new
[M945] 職場讀心術 - 身體語言訓練班 new
[M552] 九型人格與個人成長 new
[M553] 溝通技巧-掌握坦誠與圓滑之間的溝通 new
[M504] Mind Map® for Creative Problem Solving Workshop
[M126] 「靜觀當下」培訓工作坊
[M069] “Logical Thinking For Problem Solving” Workshop
[M083] True Colors® 證書課程 - 個人致勝關鍵
[PC01] The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program Limited seat



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