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ETI Base Code

Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code
The ETI Base Code was developed by the Ethical Trade Initiative, which is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and trade union organisations with an aim to ensure that the working conditions of workers producing for the UK market meet or exceed international labour standards. Corporate members of ETI commit to implementing our Base Code in their supply chains and reporting annually on their progress in doing so.
Audit Criteria
The Base Code contains nine clauses that reflect the most relevant international standards with respect to labour practices (ILO Conventions):
1.      Employment is freely chosen
2.      Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
3.      Working conditions are safe and hygienic
4.      Child labour shall not be used
5.      Living wages are paid
6.      Working hours are not excessive
7.      No discrimination is practiced
8.      Regular employment is provided
9.      No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed  
The Base Code is a generic standard for company performance. It constitutes a minimum requirement for any corporate code of labour practice. The Principles of Implementation set out general principles governing the implementation of the Base Code.
HKQAA can perform audits based on the ETI Based Code and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Social (SMETA) audit methodology. Also, audits can be uploaded to the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX). HKQAA ETI audit reports may be accepted by corporate members. Suppliers and factories may contact their buyer to confirm their acceptance. For details, please visit

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