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Strengthening Program for the Understanding and Implementation of the GB Quality Standard of Scrap Paper in Hong Kong Recycling Industry

Funded by the Recycling Fund

In response to the recent policy from China on the imported recyclables, HKQAA has been subsidized by the Recycling Fund of the Government to develop the "Strengthening program for the understanding and implementation of the GB Quality Standard of scrap paper in Hong Kong Recycling Industry" project to enhance the standard of scrap paper recycling in Hong Kong. The project aims to promote the understanding and implementation of GB standard to the scrap paper export, to promote their operation practice to GB standard, and thus promote the long-term development of the industry. HKQAA believes that this project will encourage the scrap paper recycling in the industry and to the public.


Recycling industry

  • To improve the industry's performance in quality management, to enhance the competence of recording the flow of recyclables, and to meet the GB standard for scrap paper quality control.
  • To Improve the overall operating capacity, efficiency and technology of the recycling industry, to enhance the professionalism and image of the industry, and to contribute to the local economic benefits


  • To improve the overall level of the recycling industry and to increase recycling capcaity, thereby reducing the burden on landfills
  • Promote environmental-friendly recycling and make use of resources efficiently in the life cycle, and  to help Hong Kong's circular economy

Pilot program

  • Acceptance of applications from 6th September, 2018 to 5th October, 2018
  • The pilot program lasts for one year
  • The pilot program can demonstrate to the industry and drive the entire recycling industry to comply with the GB standard for scrap paper quality control
  • The application fee of the  pilot participating companies will be subsidized through this project.

* HKQAA reserves the right to change the contents, fees and rules of registration without notice.

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