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My Dream Home Programme

HKQAA hopes to help young people, pillars of the future society, establish their sense of responsibility towards the society at their early age, so the idea of launching "HKQAA My Dream Home" programme was first conceptualised.

The word “Home” does not only represent a single concept of the family, but also the mutual love of humanity and harmony as well as the ideal living environment. "My Dream Home" programme educates the youth on corporate social responsibility and its key elements, such as environmental protection, occupational health and safety, public health, food safety, equal opportunities, greenhouse gas emissions, energy management, and caring of the challenged groups. This aims to nurture their commitments to civil responsibilities, and encourage them to contribute to society. We wish people from all walks of life could join hands in creating a sustainable community for our future generation.

My Dream Home Contest

The 12th HKQAA “My Dream Home" Writing, Photo, Microfilm, Drawing and Poster Design Contest was completed. The award ceremony will be held in the afternoon of Saturday, 31 August, 2019 at Charles. K. Kao Auditorium, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Awardees will be informed individually by June.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong final result


Guangzhou and Neighbouring Regions

Guangzhou and Neighbouring Regions final result


Special Thanks to Co-organisers: Education Bureau of HKSAR, Guangzhou Youth Cultural Exchange Center; Supporting Organizations: Hong Kong School of Design, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, The Photographic Society of Hong Kong, Friends of the Earth (HK), Hong Kong PHAB Association, the Green Earth and The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong; Judges: Professor Ho Man-koon, Dean of School of Humanities and Languages, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Mr Yam Shik, President of The Photographic Society of Hong Kong, Mr Anthony Lau, 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year, Mr Derek Chiu, Assistant Professor of the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Mr Johnny Lai and Mr James Tsui from Hong Kong School of Design; and the teachers of the Xian Village Primary School in Guangzhou, for the coordination of the judging work for the Guangzhou and Neighbouring Regions of the Contest.    




Points to Note on the “Business-School Partnership Programme” 

1. The purpose of this Programme is to, through providing career exploration opportunities for students, allow them to learn more about the working world with a view to help formulating their career planning.  In this respect, activities launched under the Programme are solely educational in nature, they would by no means help nor allow whichever organisations to promote their service or products.  The Education Bureau (EDB) would like to remind all business partners, as well as their supporting bodies arranging the activities, that in the course of the activity, any form of product selling or promotion are unacceptable. 

2. No charges are normally imposed on the activities.  Further, if it is the intent of the participating organisations to offer any materialistic reward (eg. gifts or scholarship) to students as an incentive, it must not be related to any form of product selling/promotion or as/expected to be a remuneration for participation in the activities; whether accepting the reward or not should be up to the discretion of the students. 

3. Any opinions, research results, conclusions or suggestions expressed by the staff or guests of the organising bodies and their co-organisers in the course of the activities, publications, websites and whatever media are by no means representing the standpoint of the EDB. 

4. EDB/organiser(s) may arrange photo shooting and/or video recording of some BSPP activities.  The EDB reserves the right to use all the visual material, including pictures, videos, text, event photos, posters, image or audio of an activity that students are taking part in form of, including but not limited to, publication, webpage or promotion material for the promotion of the “Business-School Partnership Programme”.


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