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My Dream Home Programme  |  Winner's Work  

My Dream Home Programme

HKQAA hopes to help young people, pillars of the future society, establish their sense of responsibility towards the society at their early age, so the idea of launching “HKQAA My Dream Home” programme was first conceptualised.

The word “Home” does not only represent a single concept of the family, but also the mutual love of humanity and harmony as well as the ideal living environment. “My Dream Home” programme educates the youth on corporate social responsibility and its key elements, such as environmental protection, occupational health and safety, public health, food safety, equal opportunities, greenhouse gas emissions, energy management, and caring of the challenged groups. This aims to nurture their commitments to civil responsibilities, and encourage them to contribute to society. We wish people from all walks of life could join hands in creating a sustainable community for our future generation.

My Dream Home Contest

The 10th HKQAA “My Dream Home" Writing, Photo, Micro Film, Drawing and Poster Design Contest was completed. The award ceremony will be held on the night of Saturday, 26 Aug, 2017 at  at Charles K.Kao Auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park. Awardees will be informed individually by June.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong final result

Guangzhou and Neighbouring Regions
Guangzhou and Neighbouring Regions final result

Special Thanks to Co-organisers: Education Bureau of HKSAR, Guangzhou Youth Cultural Exchange Center ; Supporting Organisations: Friends of the Earth (HK), Hong Kong PHAB Association, Hong Kong School of Design, The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, The Green Council, The Green Earth, The Photographic Society of Hong Kong; judges: Dr Ma Kwai Min, Professor of Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong in the Department of Chinese Literature, Professor Ho Man-koon, Professor of Caritas Institute of Higher Education in Research Department, Ms Cheung Shin Yee, Experienced Publishing Editor, Quenby, Children's and Young Adult Literature Author, Mr Lam Wai Keung, Wallace, Acting Head of the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and IVE (Lee Wai Lee), Mr Jason Cheung, Head of Creative of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Mr Johnny Lai and Mr James Tsui from Hong Kong School of Design, Mr Yam Shik, President of The Photographic Society of Hong Kong, Mr Anthony Lau, Winner of 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest, Mr Tong Kay Ming, Vice President of the Hong Kong Micro Movie Institute; and Ms Zhang Ying-wen from Foshan Yuanjia School, for the coordination of the judging work for the Guangzhou and Neighbouring Regions of the Contest.   




The Education Bureau of The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the co-organiser of this event and would provide assistance.  Any views expressed by the members of the event or research findings, conclusions or recommendations in this publication or related activities, does not represent views of the Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 


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