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Law and Legislation (Hong Kong, Macau & China) eLearning
HOT! [M906] Fundamental Contract Law for Managers and Professionals
HOT! [M907] Fundamentals of Negligence for Managers and Professionals
HOT! [M909] Legal Fundamentals of Tendering
[LW01] Property Law Essentials new
[LW02] Legal Introduction to Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance new
[LW03] Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights new
[LW04] Advanced Legal Aspects of Procurement and Tendering new
CPD Course [M923] Essential Laws for Premises and Facilities Management
CPD Course [M943] Essentials for Building Management
[M911] Negotiation and Mediation Skills for Managers and Professionals
[M920] Fundamental Law For Office Administrators
[M921] Legal Aspects of Patents and Copyrights - Uses and Protection
[M922] Legal Aspects of Food Safety Management in Hong Kong
[M926] Legal Seminar on False Trade Description and Mis-selling
[M929] Legal Essentials for Business Uses of Social Media
[M932] Updates on Insurance Law and Practice in Hong Kong
[M933] Legal Aspects for Financial Technology new
[M944] 10 Common Mistakes in Negotiating and Drafting Contracts --- And How to Avoid Them
[M949] Essentials of Apology Ordinance for Managers and Professionals
[M954] New Landscape for Business Manager and Professionals the Company Ordinance new
[M959] Legal Aspects of Building Information Modelling: An Users’ and Potential Users’ Perspective new



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