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Courses in Hong Kong

Management and Leadership Skills
[M028] Workshop on Effective Communication & Influencing Skills
[GP03] Implementation of HKQAA 5S in the Workplace Operation
熱門! [M022] Workshop on Developing Supervisory Skills & Leadership Charisma
[M021] Performance Management through KPI Setting
[M023] Workshop on Strategic Compensation System Design
[M024] Workshop on Business Process Improvement Limited seat
[M025] Workshop on Effective Project Management Limited seat
[M554] Project Management Fundamentals
[M555] PMI PMP Examination Preparation
[M556] Personal Productivity new
[M557] Technical Report Writing
[M558] Impactful Presentation Skills
[M559] Negotiation and Persuasion Techniques new
[M560] Leadership – The Leadership Challenge
[M561] Creative Problem Solving
[M562] Enterprise Development and Dynamics new
[M563] People Management and Coaching Skills for Leaders
[M564] Recruitment, Selection and Appraisal Skills
[M565] Conflict Resolution Management new
[M566] Project and Event Management
[M567] Company Secretarial Practices



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