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2019-05-14 The Turning Point – 2019 Update to HKQAA’s Research Report on Sustainable Financing in China’s Greater Bay Area
2019-05-07 Inaugural Government Green Bond obtained HKQAA’s Certification
2019-03-26 MOU Signed with GuangDong Financial Association
2019-03-25 Green Finance Certification Scheme Presentation Ceremony cum Forum 2019
2019-01-17 HKQAA 30th Anniversary Celebration Annual Dinner
2019-01-14 MOU Signed with Bureau of Finance Affairs of Guangzhou Municipality
2019-01-09 Participation in Developing the ISO Standard for Sustainable Finance
2019-01-01 MOU Signed between HKQAA and International Finance Corporation (IFC)
2018-11-15 MOU Signed between HKQAA and Shaanxi Provincial Office of Finance
2018-10-12 Charter Scheme Pledge Ceremony cum Seminar for the Project “Strengthening Program for the Understanding and Implementation of the GB Quality Standard of Scrap Paper in Hong Kong Recycling Industry”

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