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Hygiene Control System

Air, water and food are the most basic needs for human beings, but they should not be taken for granted. Efforts must be made to preserve and monitor the quality of air, water and food. Following the Avian influenza, Viral Gastro-enteritis, food poisoning and SARS outbreaks, people now realise the importance of food safety and public hygiene. 
Assuring health and safety is the most important part of our daily life. Hygiene control is the key to the protection of our health through good practices or principles of cleanliness as well as food storage and handling. It is time for public service organizations, business and commerce to consider how to take a step forward to ensure providing a hygienic environment for the communities and the customers they serve.
Certification Standard
The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines published by World Health Organization were prepared to explain and to promote the concept of validation embedded in the core GMP texts. By introducing the ISO 9001 concept with the implementation of Good Hygiene Practice, HKQAA has developed the Hygiene Control System Certification Scheme in 2004. The goal of this certification is to develop a framework for managing health risks associated with public hygiene in a systematic manner. This initiative demonstrates the contribution of business sectors of Hong Kong to their customers by taking positive action to increase awareness of hygiene and also creates a new culture of hygiene practices for the future society.
System and Testing Requirements
Six essential elements within HKQAA-HCS that define the basic framework of requirements:
  1. Management Responsibility
  2. Operational Hygiene
  3. Structural Hygiene
  4. Food Storage and Transportation (for foods and catering services only)
  5. Personal Hygiene
  6. Hygiene Management System  
Samples of air, water and food must be subject to testing carried out by HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) accredited laboratories. Test report issued by HOKLAS accredited laboratories shall be submitted to HKQAA for verification of compliance to the specification as a condition for granting certificate.
Benefits of Certification
  • Show care to staff, customers and stakeholders
  • Build social responsible image
  • Eliminate or minimise risk to the general population who may be exposed to health risks associated with its hygiene conditions
  • Maintain and continually improve hygiene conditions
HKQAA-HCS Certification provides a motive and it encourages industry sectors, which public hygiene is a key concern, to pledge their commitment to take hygiene to new levels. Shopping arcades, restaurants, hotels, club houses and schools use this scheme to differentiate themselves.

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