CPD 課程 [M803] 藥物二次包裝倉庫及冷凍鏈管理

Pharmaceutical Warehouse and Cold Chain Management in Secondary Packaging


  • To provide overview and insights on the pharmaceutical products and warehouse management in secondary packaging and enhance the quality control awareness for the industry stakeholders in Hong Kong. 
  • To ntroduce the cold chain logistics and the means to ensure goods maintained in the defined storage condition and in control over transportation.
Target Audience 
  • Members of the Pharmaceutical Distributors Association of Hong Kong (PDA)
  • Person-in-charge/Quality Assurance Officer of secondary packaging of licensed manufactures of secondary packaging.
Course Highlight
  • Warehouse design, control & contingency plan
  • Qualification of temperature-controlled storage areas
  • Shipping management
  • Introduction to a shipping system
  • User requirement specification & service agreement
  • Qualification test of shipping container & refrigerated road vehicle
  • Participants who have pass the one-hour examination (scores above 70%; Multiple Choice Question) will be awarded the “Certificate for Completion” issued by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency and participate in no less than 90% of the course. 
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training Program
  • Equivalent to 8-HR CPD Hours
  • Approved CPD Course Code:CPD/L/09/2021


如有疑問,可在辦公時間致電 陳小姐 Joanne 查詢。

聯絡電話:(852) 6050 8153         電郵



備注: “HKQAA reserves the right to cancel the course, change the trainer, content, date, time and / or venue as necessary. Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page before enrolment.” No group discount. 上課時間: 上午9時至下午1時。

課程編號 日期 時間 課程費用 課程費用 (提早報名) 語言 地點
M803C/HK-01A 20 Jan & 27 Jan 2024 8 hours 3200(public); 2,600(PDA member) 粵語 - 輔以英文講義 香港北角渣華道191號嘉華國際中心19樓
M803C/HK-06A 8 Jun & 15 Jun 2024 8 hours 3200(public); 2,600(PDA member) 粵語 - 輔以英文講義 香港北角渣華道191號嘉華國際中心19樓

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