[SM04] ISO 55001:2014 資產管理體系 - 理解與應用

Course objectives
Ÿ   Understand the ISO 55001 requirements and its application in asset management activities
Ÿ   Understand how to evaluate and improve the performance of asset management and asset management system
Delegates are required to have basic knowledge of ISO 55001 before attending the course
Course Contents
Ÿ   Basics of Asset Management
Ø   Influencing factors in Asset Management
Ø   Elements of Asset Management System
Ø   Terms and definitions
Ø   Risk
Ø   Relationship between key terms
Ÿ   Introduction of ISO 5500X
Ø   Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology
Ø   Asset management – Management systems – Requirements
Ø    Asset management – Management systems – Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001
Ÿ   Overview of ISO 55001 Requirements
Ø   Context of organization
Ø   Leadership
Ø   Planning
Ø   Support
Ø   Operation
Ø   Performance evaluation
Ø   Improvement
Presentation and discussions
Certificate of Attendance
Certificate of Attendance will be issued to delegates who have attended more than 90% of the enrolled course hours

備注: “HKQAA reserves the right to cancel the course, change the trainer, content, date, time and / or venue as necessary. Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page before enrolment.” 課程時間 : 上午9時30分 - 下午5時

課程編號 日期 時間 課程費用 課程費用 (提早報名) 語言 地點
SM04C/HK-09A 10 Sep 2021 1 day 1880 1580 粵語 - 輔以英文講議 香港北角渣華道191號嘉華國際中心19樓
SM04C/HK-10A 4 Oct 21 1 day 1880 1580 粵語 - 輔以英文講議 香港北角渣華道191號嘉華國際中心19樓
SM04C/HK-12A 6 Dec 2021 1 day 1880 1580 粵語 - 輔以英文講議 香港北角渣華道191號嘉華國際中心19樓

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