[WS26] ISO 19650-1:2018 建築和土木工程資訊-使用建築資訊塑模(BIM)-理解與應用 (E-learning) [RTTP 認可資助課程]


ISO 19650-1:2018 Information Management Using Building Information Modelling - 

Understanding & Application (E-learning) 



  • This training course syllabus is covering the concepts and principles for business processes across the built environment sector in support of the management and production of information during the life cycle of built assets (referred to as “information management”) when using building information modelling (BIM).
  • These processes can deliver beneficial business outcomes to asset owners/operators, clients, their supply chains and those involved in project funding including increase of opportunity, reduction of risk and reduction of cost through the production and use of asset and project information models.


Delivery Method

  • This course will be conducted with online platform. The e-learning platform can facilitate with an interactive communication. 


Course contents

  • What we should not expect from ISO19650?

  • ISO19650 / BS 1192

  • Information Management vs. System Management

  • Definitions and terms

  • Terminology Mapping

  • Introduction to the BIM basic frameworks


ISO19650 Fundamentals in this and future sessions:

1)Concepts and Principles

  • Asset and project information, perspectives and collaborative working

  • The information delivery cycle

  • Project and Asset information management functions

  • Information container-based collaborative working

  • Information delivery planning

  • Managing the collaborative production of information

  • Common Date Enviironment (CDE)

  • Summary

2)Delivery Phase of the assets

3)ISO19650 from a project management perspective

4)  Multiple Choice Questions 


Certificate of attendance

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WS26E/HK-04A** 19 April 2023 1 day 3700 英语- 輔以英文講義 HKQAA 网上平台

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