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2020-11-04 Mou signed with Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
2020-11-02 HKQAA issues first COVID-19 Resilience Finance Certification
2020-10-23 HKQAA Online Symposium - Sustainable Finance • Hong Kong 2020 Successfully Held
2020-10-08 Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme
2020-09-28 HKQAA 13th My Dream Home Writing, Photo, Micro Film and Drawing Contest (Chinese Only)
2020-09-03 Online Conference on Beyond Community Development, How Social Capital Impacts Your ESG Performance
2020-08-24 MoU signed with China Construction Bank (Asia) (Chinese only)
2020-08-21 MoU signed with Asia Youth Think Tank (Chinese only)
2020-08-14 MOU on Green Finance signed with Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch (Chinese only)
2020-07-31 Improper Use of Certification Marks on the Internet

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